Australia Day 2023

Ganton Australia Day - Beach Photo

On 26 January, Sydney comes alive with locals celebrating the Aussie way of life right in the middle of summer. With events on the harbour, family festivities, boat races and a general vibrant, party atmosphere, there’s something for everyone and a Ganton shirt to fit everyone.



What's the easiest way to style yourself while looking the most polished and put together? 

Monochromatic looks will be your best friend for both casual and formal occasions, looking your best at any event you attend..

Cox Plate

The Cox Plate is the next big event of the season. Short for the W.S. Cox Plate (William Samuel), This race was first run 100 years ago, starting out on Saturday, 28 October 1922!  With the centenary race coming up - this is sure to be a huge event for everyone!

Caulfield Cup

The Spring Racing carnival officially kicked off in September - so many of you may have already been out there donning your savvy sartorial looks. If you haven't had the chance to get out on the track yet, don't worry - we've got you covered!

Ganton x Organic Cotton

Ganton x Organic Cotton Blog

Organic Cotton has all the same benefits of your standard cotton but many more. It is still a breathable and natural fibre that feels good to touch and wear on the skin.  In addition to the regular benefits of cotton, organic cotton has benefits for you, the farmer and the land it is grown on..

Know Your Staples

When it comes to essential shirts, the colour white is often seen as a symbol of professionalism. For many men, a white shirt is the go-to choice for business meetings or other formal occasions, but equally can be worn in casual settings. So what makes a perfect essential white shirt?

Father to Son


Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Samantha Macabulos for Ganton’s Fathers Day Campaign, Father To Son, along with the founder of Ganton, Allan Marmot, his son, Justin and my Dad, Graham Kuo.

Ganton Man x Sydney Hot Spots


As summer approaches, Ganton with Uber will take me over the next weekend to my favourite hotspots. I will be sharing with you via Instagram @joris_cuesta my best moments, showing you the coolest staff in each venue and maybe even who..

Fair Trade Coffee in a Fair Trade world


Coffee is, and always has been, one of the most valuable primary exports in international trade. The vast majority of coffee producers live in the developing world and for some of these economies, coffee accounts for up to 80% of their total export. Directly after World War Two, the demand for coffee increased exponentially