The Spring Racing carnival officially kicked off in September - so many of you may have already been out there donning your savvy sartorial looks. 
If you haven't had the chance to get out on the track yet, don't worry - we've got you covered!

Kicking off the final countdown to the infamous Melbourne Cup is the Caulfield Cup!  This fantastic race showcases many of the horses who will be compete on the Melbourne Cup. 

Ganton - Caulfield Cup

First run in 1879, it is considered the first gram slam of the spring racing season, so you've got to look grand and glam!

A suit and tie is a must for this day. You can be as traditionalist or flamboyant as you would like!  Over the years strong, bold and traditional choices have been made and we expect this to continue into the 2022 season. 

Our perfect pairing for this depends on the suit and tie choices you want to make on the day. We like to be traditional on this day, so if you're reaching for your navy suit - you're heading in the right direction!

Now that you've got that sorted, keep the shirt stylish & classic - this will pair easily with your date and look effortless throughout the day!

White is always a solid choice. If you're wanting to mix it up a bit, why not opt for a blue check shirt - a handsome companion for the handsome bloke you are. 

We know our Superfine Cotton Easy Iron shirts are the perfect pairing to keep you comfortable and look beautiful all day long!


Now that you've got that foundation right (besides of course your underwear and socks!), it's time to think about accessories. 

A smart watch compliments everyone and if you want to try and time those horses racing down the track!

If you really want to fit in and be one of the 'guys in the know' you will need to make sure you've got a white rose. 

The White Rose is the official flower for the Caulfield Cup - so make sure you have one of these ordered! You'll look even more dashing and it is a great conversation starter. 

If you're not wanting to go for a fresh flower (they will bruise) you're in luck - we've found the best white rose lapel pin around.

Now you're part way there!

You're going to need a tie. Our white dotted knit is your man!

He works well with your navy suit, check shirt and the colour will be picked up by the rose!

Sadly we don't sell shoes, so these are up to you. Leather is a must, a pair of RM's will fit the part perfectly!

So now we just need to do a quick check!

White Rose 
A handsome gent ready for a great day 

Go out there, have fun and good luck!