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Think Pink

Discover sophistication and style with Ganton's latest range of pink shirts. expertly designed to blend timeless elegance with a contemporary flair, these shirts offer unparalleled comfort and impeccable style.

Ganton's Heritage

For 50 years, Ganton has been one of Australia's longest running specialist shirt makers. Founded in 1974 by Allan Marmot the brand has evolved over the years adapting with the fashion trends..

Wedding & Events

When it comes to weddings and formal events, choosing the right shirt can make all the difference in your appearance. A well-fitted and stylish shirt can elevate your outfit and give you a confident and polished look. We have put together our most popular wedding items to make your shopping experience a breeze.

Customer Reviews
Great quality shirts but have to say the Ganton customer service is amazing. They go above and beyond. Have not experienced this level of service within any industry in such a long time. Thank you :)
— Gordana Skarzynski
Online store worked well. Shirt was exactly what I wanted. Much more range than in stores like DJs
— Tristan Loney
Easy to order online and delivered very quickly. I had accidentally ordered a different shirt type on one of my orders, but received an email suggesting I had made an error and would I like to change. Very helpful and will definitely order from here again!
— Philip Herd
I have tried every top brand..in the world. For a long lasting, quality cut, fit and timeless style, nothing compares. For 35 years, I keep coming back to the BEST shirts available. The Bespoke range of products take it to an even higher level. People who notice, notice. I see, DJs often have a great variety of these top shirts.
— Trevor Leggo
Shirt arrived recently with one sleeve slightly longer but Darren Robertson response was outstanding. Perfect new shirt arrived a week later no questions asked. Great customer service thanks Darren and your team
— Paul Tomlinson
Able to choose online from a great range of shirts, prompt delivery and very happy with my purchase
— Gary and Anne Young
Quality always reliable and ordering on line an easy experience. I’m a long standing Ganton customer
— Michael Walter
Was measured at the shirt bar around 5 years ago (41/88) and now have around 15 Ganton shirts that have held up to the QLD sun, raising kids, frequent runs in the dryer etc. They all come up new after a good press. I know little about clothing but I know I love the Ganton brand for work, for date nights with my wife, special occasions etc. the best
— Ian Janssen
I have been a Life long Ganton client they make the best mens shirt in the market, quality fabrics, very comfortable to wear, easy to wash and dry, wrinkle free, and most importantly look fantastic! Keep up the great work Ganton your shirts are high quality
— John Christou
I love my Ganton shirts. I've bought multiple and I'm thoroughly impressed with their fit, quality and ease to launder. I feel good when I wear them...that's hard to find!
— Stephen Jarjoura
Happy to leave a review as the variety, quality, service and delivery times were excellent. I've ordered all of my shirts online in the last year and everything has been great. Highly recommend.
— Chris Wilks
Great service, goods were received within three days
— Nick Kopsaftis
Ganton are lovely premium shirts with quality fabric and stitching. I don’t work for them but I recommend them. Worth it.
— Justin Du Toit
Beautiful business shirts. Feel good and look good.
— Topi Gums