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Since 1974 Ganton has always strived to bring Australians the best quality shirts. That means we have spent the last 48 years searching the globe for the finest cloths and fabric manufacturers so we can produce the most beautiful shirts. Having been on this search we have developed many great partnerships on the way, with several of the world's leading textile companies.

One of our leading partners is Sidogras, a family-owned Spanish company who we have worked with to create the famous Scott Shirt our Organic Cotton Stretch. Sidogras was established in 1953 and have committed to using 100% organic cotton. 

 Ganton Oragnic Cotton


Organic Cotton has all the same benefits of your standard cotton, it is still a breathable and natural fibre that feels good to touch and wear on the skin.  In addition to that, Organic Cotton has benefits for you, the farmer and the land it is grown on.

Knowing you are buying an Organic Cotton fabric means that the cotton has not been in-contact with potentially harmful pesticides used to treat most cotton plants. This is great to know if you have sensitive skin or allergies. Organic cotton can also be washed at lower temperatures, so you can also save on your electricity bills.

The farmer and land where the cotton is grown get a huge advantage. Growing organic cotton uses much less water, generates less CO2 emissions and because no harmful chemicals are used, the land, groundwater and nearby rivers are not contaminated.

Considering all this, you’ll want to make the switch to organic cotton today!


The Scott is a fantastic shirt, it’s a timeless business shirt which features a classic spread collar, chisel button cuffs and a smooth and silky poplin finish.

The perfect shirt for guys that want a little extra give in their work shirt while still retaining premium comfort, fit and performance. The special polyamide and elastane blended yarn is what gives the fabric it's stretch, while the superfine organically grown cotton gives it a great feel and durability.  If you're a guy who wants a slim fit, but don't want to feel like you're restricted by your shirt this is definitely the shirt to check out.  With the added benefit of knowing this shirt supports a healthier environment, you can feel good and look good all at the same time.


Our cotton stretch shirt is a perfect choice for the office, whether worn underneath a tailored suit, or paired with casual chinos and a blazer. This great shirt also has the flexibility to monopolize your casual wardrobe. Simply roll up your sleeves, keep the neck open, and pair your cotton stretch shirt with jeans or chinos. An essential in every man’s wardrobe.


We are really excited to continue to bring you the most beautiful shirts, made with love and care. What we never want to do at Ganton is compromise on quality, so as we continue to evolve we aim to introduce more luxury eco-friendly fabrics to our collections and thus ensuring that we monitor our own environmental foot print as we go!  The Scott is available in white, blackand navy and we recommend getting in quick as they can sell out fast! We will also be offering a sky blue option from November this year, so keep an eye out!

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