Ganton Man x Sydney Hot Spots

By Joris Cuesta

Watsons Bay Park, Sydney

As summer approaches, Ganton with Uber will take me over the next weekend to my
favourite hotspots. I will be sharing with you via Instagram @joris_cuesta my best moments,
showing you the coolest staff in each venue and maybe even who I considered best dressed.
I am really looking forward to a top end dinner with Chef Peter Doyle at Est on Friday night.
This will definitely be an out of this world experience as Est is Number 7 on the top ten
Australian restaurants and a consistent high performer retaining 3 hat status since 2003
and 3 Gourmet Traveller stars since 2007.


For the love of coffee...

Saturday will start with a relaxing brunch at a surprise location and Sunday a lunch at
the iconic Watson Bay Hotel with friends for the delicious Winter roast and a few cheeky
drinks...I love the fact that you can either drive or catch the ferry to get to it.
Hopefully you guys will also be out and feel free to say hi, we also could have a coffee or a
drink who knows... the more the merrier!
A few more gems that rate high on the list include crossing the harbour to get to Donny's 
in Manly, modelled around the small bars you'll find on the Lower-East side of NYC. I love
the copper bar, the modern Australian bar snack menu & live music!

Stay tuned for secret location.

Also on the North side of the bridge, I have the perfect place to go when you just want to
get outside of the typical inner-city café box, Anvil Coffee Co are offering up top-notch
meals that are only superseded by the beauty of the harbour they are served next to.
Can't wait to share with you all the above fun experiences!



Joris Cuesta was chosen as our first ever Ganton Man.
He is one of the most stylish entrepreneurs you will ever
meet and is now the Partnership Manager for The Entourage.
Originally from France, Joris loves good food, good wine 
and knows a thing or two about Sydney's social scene.

Follow him on Twitter @joriscuesta or Instagram @joris_cuesta



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