Father to Son


Graham & Julian Kuo

Recently, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with Samantha Macabulos for Ganton’s Fathers Day Campaign, Father To Son, along with the founder of Ganton, Allan Marmot, his son, Justin and my Dad, Graham Kuo.

I’ll be honest here, I love a good photoshoot; great clothes, the opportunity to have a great time in front of camera and the chance to hang out with an awesome group of people could never be a bad thing. But this one was extra special, getting to shoot with a man I have always looked up to and celebrate him as the inspiration he is to not only his family but so many of those around him.


My Dad, Graham, is an artist. He is a painter, a drawer, a printmaker. For many years he taught at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW), but almost twelve years ago, decided it was time to focus on his work full time. Since then, he has produced an incredible amount of work and to a religiously consistent, top standard and had solo shows in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Austria amongst others.

His next show, based around the works of Poets from the Tang Dynasty, will be in 2016 at my family’s gallery:

Spot81, Abercrombie St, Chippendale.


My Dad’s love and dedication to his work has always been an inspiration for me. While I've never been particularly talented with a brush in hand, he has always encouraged my love of music and theatre, taking me to the Opera when I was very young and pushing me to follow what I love instead of taking that imaginary ‘safe’ option that so many believe in. His six children will all attest to the same thing; no matter if it’s Law, Human Rights, Medicine, cooking, dance, music, he will always say to follow what YOU love.


Allan & Justin Marmot

It was fantastic to meet both Allan and Justin properly during the shoot and it was clear that their relationship was very similar to mine with my Dad; one of respect, trust, encouragement and above all, love. These parallels are reflected by the brand and company that they have both worked to build at Ganton and one of the reasons that I find myself constantly coming back.

So a huge ‘Happy Fathers Day’ to all the dads out there. You’re all an inspiration and we love you.

All Photos by Samantha Macabulos

Author: Julian Kuo


Julian is one of the Ganton Man finalists chosen for 2014/15. Not only is he an accomplished singer and actor, he is also our resident coffee snob and style guru


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