A Ganton Luxury Swiss Cotton fabric that is a rich twill with an elegant prominent and distinctive diagonal weave. A fantastic high performance fabric that is ideal for business or formal.

This Luxury cloth is made using Superfine compact yarn sourced from Switzerland and woven into a lightweight and durable fabric. Our exclusive “Wash & Wear” finish greatly reduces the wrinkling characteristics of the fabric while increasing the breathability and comfort to the wearer. A durable fabric that drapes beautifully and is easier to iron, one of our most versatile and loved fabrics.

“Wash & Wear" or "Easy Care" are terms that are often used interchangeably. They refer to fabrics that can be washed, dried and worn again with little or no ironing needed.

A Twill Weave is characterised by a texture that forms a distinct diagonal line that moves to the left or right across the surface of the fabric. Twills technically have a front and back side and can usually show a different colour or prominence on either side of the fabric.

The 100% natural cotton properties in our Wash & Wear Twill fabric make this fabric breathable by allowing air to flow through the fabric easily so it doesn't become too warm and uncomfortable for the wearer.

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