The original Ganton fabric that we have run since 1974. This fabric was made for the everyday man in mind, it is the ultimate easy care or travelling shirt fabric. The Gold Label fabric is a cotton polyester blend, using superfine 2 ply yarn making it lightweight and wrinkle resistant. This Pinpoint Oxford fabric is woven in Spain specifically for Ganton. It is both hardwearing and breathable. The Pinpoint Oxford texture offers superior easy care with their ability to hide unwanted wrinkles.

A unique blend of 2 ply warp and weft yarn which consists of cotton and polyester. The 2 ply yarn keeps the fabric soft to touch, durable and hard wearing for a strong reliable versatile fabric.

The cotton properties in our Gold Label fabric are breathable and light in weight. It's important to note that we work hard to balance our white shirts but for this fabric lightweights does not mean it is transparent as the superfine pinpoint oxford texture gives the fabric body to prevent this.

The polyester helps make a remarkable wrinkle resistant easy care fabric this is due to polyester properties having a natural resistance to wrinkles.

Originating in 19th century Great Britain, the Oxford is characterised by a subtle one-by-one basket-weave texture, which makes the fabric strong and durable. There are many variations of Oxford, but generally the fabric has intense white overtones on a coloured background. The Pinpoint Oxford is a small oxford texture that offers superior easy care with their ability to hide wrinkles in their texture.

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