Twice a year, our design and production team travel the world in search of the latest in fabric technology and manufacturing. As such, we constantly introduce new lines of shirts made with various finishes for best wear and easy care. These are the fabrics currently on offer. 

Gold Label

A luxury two ply pinpoint oxford, constructed using superfine twisted cotton polyester yarn. Made exclusively for Ganton in Spain, Gold Label is wrinkle resistant, hard wearing and requires minimal ironing. 

100's 2 Ply

A cotton poplin fabric, woven with superfine twisted yarns which create a smooth, durable and silky fabric. Our permanent "easy iron" finish greatly reduces the wrinkling characteristics of the fabric while increasing its breathable quality and comfort to the wearer. 

Swiss Cotton "Wash and Wear"

This superfine pure cotton compact yarn is sourced from Switzerland, prized for its softness. A durable fabric with a ‘Wash & Wear’ finishing for easy everyday wear, however the fabric presents best when ironed after washing.

Cotton / Stretch

A flexible performance fabric for ease of movement and comfort. Our Cotton / Stretch shirts are 75% cotton 20% nylon and 5% elastin. Must be ironed with a low to medium heat setting to avoid damage to the fabric. 

Cotton / Polyester

With a 55%-65% cotton to 35-45% polyester ratio, this fabric has been formulated to have the best of both worlds: the breathe and comfort of cotton and the easy care properties of high quality polyester. 

100% Pure Cotton

For a natural feel and maximum breathable quality, our 100% Pure Cotton Shirts are made from ethically sourced Cotton and woven in some of the best mills from around the world. 

Easy Iron

Many of our Pure Cotton fabrics also have a permanent Easy Iron Finish applied with a heat process to the fabric. A natural fabric that smooths easily with the iron. 

Bamboo Mircrofibre

A modern and versatile fabric: Practical, breathable, environmentally friendly and above all, incredibly comfortable. Bamboo Microfibre fabric is light and soft with a luxurious silky feel. 




Collar Styles

Amalfi Collar  


Inspired by Italian style, this collar has a very large spread best paired with a full or half Windsor knot in the tie. The collar points are shorter and curve towards the side.



The Spread is a standard and versatile collar. Suits both formal and casual styles and can be worn with or without a tie.

Classic Peak Collar

Classic (Peak)

Similar to the Spread, but longer and narrower. Particularly flattering with suit and tie. Can be worn open necked.

Button Down Collar

Button Down

The Button Down collar features on both business and sport shirts and can be worn in various ways, casually unbuttoned or with a tie.

Cambridge Collar


Similar to the Spread collar, with a distinguishing curved edge. 

Wing Collar


The Wing Collar is a formal style specifically to be worn with a bow tie or cravat. This is the traditional collar worn at “Black Tie” events





Ganton shirts feature three different cuff styles: Chisel, Rounded and French cuffs. All our French cuffs come with silk knot cuff links. Our French cuffs are adjustable, extra button holes will allow you to wear the cuff larger to your taste and shorten the sleeve at the same time.


Round Cuff Chisel Cuff French Double Cuff

Round Cuff

Chisel Cuff

Double Cuff


Our Made-to-Order service allows you to choose your fabric, collar and cuff and tailor your shirt to your needs. Contact us to find out more.


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