Ganton Signature Shirts

Since Ganton formed in 1974 we have been aiming to manufacture the best business shirts.  Our signature collection are a selection of our most popular shirts - these include our long running Gold Label and 100's 2 Ply shirts and our more recent Essentials, Twill and Herringbone shirts. 

Coming in 3 body fits and multiple neck sizes and sleeve lengths these modern style of shirts emphasises showing off the physique of the wearer, and fitting perfectly around the neck and arm length

They also present a smart and clean appearance that always meets professional expectations.

Why Choose Signature Shirts from Ganton?

For almost five decades, Sydney-based Ganton has provided stylish and comfortable professional clothing for the demanding Australian market and beyond.

We never stop striving to bring better products to our loyal and valued customers. Our team regularly travel the world in search of new fabrics and manufacturing techniques that will improve our products. 

Our selection also includes a variety of colours, patterns, and even textures. These shirts bring variety to your professional and casual wardrobe. With a simple, clean style and in multiple fits, it will look great whether wearing it for business or casual settings.

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Whilst we scour the globe for better ways to produce your favourite apparel, Ganton also stands by the traditions that have maintained us for 50 years. Our flagship line of heritage Gold Label shirts will always carry the standard for Ganton and our loyal customers.

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