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When the workday at the office or on the road ends, our customers still love looking sharp even when winding down. 

Ganton features the best selection of professional dress shirts, but we also have a full line of great-looking casual shirts for men as well.

Just as with any of our other clothing selections, Ganton’s casual shirts meet the highest standards of comfort, durability, and fit.

You should expect nothing less from a clothing outlet with almost five decades of experience.

Ganton’s Casual Shirt Selection

We have a broad spectrum of attractive men’s casual shirts that are perfect for every occasion. 

Our Julius check shirts, for example, fit into that grey area between purely casual and purely professional. The button-down collar and smart look will match well with an ensemble of slacks and a blazer. 

When temperatures go up, Ganton keeps you looking and feeling cool with our wide selection of casual polo shirts. These come in a number of styles and colours whilst always looking and feeling great. 

Go both wild and bold with this fun selection of tropical themed shirts from Hurley Liberty. These shirts are guaranteed to stand out at a party or during a night on the town. They are available in our popular city tailored fit. 

Ganton’s Reputation for Style and Service

For the past 50 years, Ganton has been building a reputation for quality among Australians who demand the best. Our design team scours the globe in search of improved materials and processes. We stand determined to give our valued customers the best.

If you have questions, concerns, or wish to place an order, we welcome you to message us through our Customer Care centre.

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