At the heart of every successful evening outfit lies an impeccable shirt.  Ganton Dinner shirts are crafted from Superfine Cotton Easy Iron fabric which is woven using Compact yarns. This smooth and luxurious poplin fabric is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. With our Signature “easy iron” finish - you will look and feel your best at any event.

Featuring a Spread collar, double cuffs, pleated bib and hidden button front, our Dinner shirts are available in Classic, City Tailored and Slim body fits. 

Avoid wasting time on ironing creases from your shirts with an easy iron fabric. The superfine cotton and easy iron finish makes this fabric an easy care shirt that is essentially non iron.  We recommend a light iron for best performance.

The pleated tuxedo shirt front has a pleated bib down the front. The pleats are made with the actual fabric of the shirt, so they will match the rest of the shirt precisely. Our design has 23 pleats on each side of the shirt, and a fused placket in the centre of the shirt. The pleats measure about 10cm across each side. Each pleat is about 0.45cm wide.

A classic poplin fabric. Poplin is a lightweight and plain weave fabric that results in a strong, crisp fabric with a soft, lustrous surface.

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