Sizing and style guides

Ganton Shirts are available in variable Sleeve Lengths

For more information on sizing please visit our Body Fit guide.

Chart measured in centimeters (cm)
NECK   38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46
81 S S S          
84       S S      
85 R              
86   R   S S S S S
87     R          
88       R        
89   L L   R R    
90       L     R R
91   L L          
92       L L L L L
95         L L L L

Shorter Sleeve
Regular Sleeve
Longer Sleeve
Regular Sleeve Lengths are also available in 37cm, 48cm and 50cm.


Chart measured in inches (in)
NECK   15 15½ 15¾ 16 16½ 17 17½ 18
32 S S S          
33       S S      
33½ R              
34   R   S S S S S
34½     R          
34½       R        
35   L L   R R    
35½       L     R R
35¾   L L          
36       L L L L L
37½         L L L L

Shorter Sleeve
Regular Sleeve
Longer Sleeve
Regular Sleeve Length are also available in 14½ inches & 15 inches


At Ganton, we like to take the time to ensure our customers get the right size for them. Our shirts feature labels with fit, collar size and often sleeve length (in cm).

Below are some tips on how to measure yourself so that you can purchase your shirts with confidence.
If you have any queries about measuring please feel free to email us at or call us on (02) 9519 4000.


Take one of your best fitting shirts. Lay the collar flat and measure the inside of the collar from the centre of the button to the centre of the buttonhole. Alternatively you can ask someone to measure around your neck, allowing enough room for two fingers to be inserted comfortably between the tape measure and the neck. This should allow for a comfortable fit. This measurement should be your Collar size.

Collar measurement conversion chart:

cm's 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46 48
inches 15 15½ 15¾ 16 16½ 17 17½ 18 19


Take one of your best fitting shirts and lay it out flat with the back facing up. Locate the centre of the base of the collar. From this point measure across the top of the shoulder and then measure along the sleeve to the end of the cuff. If the measurement falls between two sizes, choose the longer size.

Ganton Measure Your Sleeve Length

Sleeve measurement conversion chart:

cm's 81 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 95
inches 32 33 33½ 34 34½ 34½ 35 35½ 35½ 36 37½


*all measurements are after normal washing of the garment. For more information see FAQ.


The newest fit to the Ganton family - cut close to the body with two back darts for a true slim fit shirt. If you have an athletic build, we have engineered this shirt to show a slim silhouette (enhancing the masculine “V” shape of the torso), but still allows movement through the shoulders, chest and arms. We have also added +2cm to the regular sleeve length to fit you better. A versatile shirt that can be worn open neck or with a tie, tucked in or worn out. These are fantastic fitting slim fit shirts that can easily take you from the boardroom to the bar.

neck 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46
sleeve 86 87 88 89 90 91 91 92 92
chest 101 105 107 111 114 118 121 125 130
waist 89 93 95 99 102 106 110 114 121

Ganton Slim Fit

This is the shape that will fit most men. The City Tailored Fit shirt is cut slightly shaped through the body and sleeve for a contemporary update on our Classic Fit shirt. This modern tailored look still has plenty of room to move through the shoulders and arms, but without the extra fabric ballooning around the waist. This is a great tailored shirt that can fit most men. (If you are used to a Classic Fit shirt it may be good to choose one size up. If you prefer Slimmer Fit Shirts it may be good to choose one size down). Also available in longer and shorter sleeve lengths to be the best fitting shirt for you.

neck 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46
chest 108 112 114 118 121 125 128 132 137
waist 98 102 104 108 111 115 119 123 130
  Ganton City Slim Fit

The Classic Fit Shirt is for men who prefer a full cut in the body and sleeve for maximum 
comfort, especially for big or tall men that want to move with ease. These shirts all have pockets and an extra-long back length that stays tucked in all day. These are generous cut shirts with plenty of room to move for men that don’t like Slim Fit shirts.

neck 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 46
chest 113 117 119 123 126 130 133 137 142
waist 105 109 111 115 118 122 125 130 134
  Ganton Classic Fit

These lightweight short or long sleeve shirts are mostly Pure Cotton and cool and comfortable to wear. Often with additional trim details in a variety of checks and stripes - they are ideal for those occasions when you want to look and feel relaxed but still stay stylish. Two fits are available based on The Purple Label - City Tailored Fit and Black Label - Classic Fit. The chart below relates Sport Shirt sizes to approximate neck sizes.

37/38 39/40 41/42 43/44 46
POLOS – Double Mercerised Cotton

Our Polos are made from luxurious 2 ply double mercerised cotton. When you wear one of our polo’s, you will feel the difference. The fabric is both breathable and extremely comfortable to wear – and often have a discerning lustre from the mercerising process. The comfortable, loose fit is perfect for casual weekend wear or a game of golf. These can be tucked in or worn out. Please contact us if you would like us to send you some pictures of what we have available (as not all availability is shown online).

37/38 39/40 41/42 43/44 46
CHEST cm's 110 118 122 126 132
inches 43½ 46½ 48 19½ 52
cm's 74 76 77 78 79
inches 29 30 30½ 30¾ 31
  Ganton Polos


Inspired from Italy, this collar has a very large spread to allow best advantage when wearing a full or half Windsor knot in your tie. The collar points are shorter and curve towards the side. Dressed in a suit you will be sure to leave a lasting impression.

Ganton Spread Collar


This fashion collar is shaped between the Spread and Italian Cutaway. It has a slightly higher neck stand that sits up to give a strong and powerful impression. This collar can be worn with or without a tie.

Ganton Spread Collar


The Spread is a timeless collar that is not too wide or too big. It can be worn with or without a tie. As far as collars go, the spread is always in style.

Ganton Spread Collar


This collar is similar to the Spread, but is longer and narrower. A very flattering style with a business suit and tie. It is also great worn open necked.

Ganton Spread Collar


As it implies, the Button Down collar has a button attached underneath each collar point (with button holes in the points) that keeps the collar in place. This collar can be more formal with a tie, or more casual open necked.

Ganton Spread Collar


The Wing Collar is a more formal style specifically to be worn with a bow tie or cravat. This is the traditional collar worn at “Black Tie” events. The points are pressed to fold back over your bow tie (and slightly resemble "wings").

Ganton Spread Collar

When purchasing your Ganton shirt, you often have the option of choosing whether you’d like your shirt to have single cuffs or French (double) cuffs.

Single cuffs are the most common style of cuffs you will find – some feature one button, others two, and wrap around the wrist to be buttoned into place. Our single cuffs are available in the following styles:

Ganton Round Cuff Ganton Chisel Cuff

Round Cuff

Chisel Cuff


Many of our shirts also come with French cuffs specifically designed to wear with cufflinks. These cuffs are more formal and have extra length in the sleeve that is folded back to create the double cuff. These cuffs do not have buttons and need to be closed with a link through the buttonholes (cufflinks). All our French cuffs come with beautiful silk knots that compliment the shirt perfectly.
We also sew in extra buttonholes to allow you to “wear your cuff bigger” to your taste - and at the same time shorten the sleeve length. We call this our Adjustable French Cuff.

Ganton French Cuff

French Cuff (Double Cuff)

Below is just a short description on the kinds of fabrics we have on offer.


A Poplin Weave is a simple one over-one under weave. This often makes the fabric lightweight and smooth. The flat surface is excellent to showcase strong colours in plains, prints, stripes or checks.

Ganton Poplin Fabric

A Herringbone Weave is a pattern of short, diagonal parallel lines where the direction of the slant alternates column by column - giving the fabric a zig-zag effect. The size of the herringbone can vary from as small as 2mm to as large as 20mm. A Herringbone is a type of Twill Weave.

Ganton Herringbone Fabric

A Twill Weave is characterised by a texture that forms a distinct diagonal line that moves to the left or right across the surface of the fabric. Twills technically have a front and back side and can usually show a different colour or prominence on either side of the fabric.

Ganton Twill Fabric

A Sateen is a fabric made using a Satin Weave structure but made with cotton yarns instead of silk. This allows the fabric to take on a lustre or shine that can enhance plains, or highlight stripes and checks. The Sateen can be slightly raised and textured, but the weave feels softer and smoother on the skin than other types.

Ganton Sateen Fabric

Originating in 19th century Great Britain, the Oxford is characterised by a subtle one-by-one basket-weave texture, which makes the fabric strong and durable. There are many variations of Oxford, but generally the fabric has intense white overtones on a coloured background. The Pinpoint Oxford is very textures offer superior easy care with their ability to hide wrinkles in their texture. The Oxford similar, but has a finer basket-weave texture. The Royal Oxford has a two-by-two heavier texture. Oxford weave has a dot like effect.

Ganton Oxford Fabric



The original Ganton shirt… the ultimate easy care or travelling shirt fabric. Gold Label shirts are a cotton/polyester blend, using superfine 2 ply yarn making it lightweight and wrinkle resistant. This Pinpoint Oxford fabric is woven in Spain specifically for Ganton. Hardwearing and breathable, you will not be unhappy with this staple for every man’s wardrobe.


100’s 2 PLY

Our 100’s 2 ply cotton poplin is another of those staples for every man’s wardrobe. If you only wear Pure Cotton or Egyptian Cotton shirts – this Plain Weave woven fabric will feel beautiful on the skin because of the superfine yarn. It has also been finished with a permanent easy iron finish so caring for this shirt is simple.


SWISS COTTON ‘Wash & Wear’

This superfine compact yarn is sourced from Switzerland and woven in a selection of fashion plains, stripes and checks, as well as different textures. As it is a pure cotton it will feel soft on the skin and breathe beautifully, further due to its ‘Wash & Wear’ finishing it has superior performance in terms of ease of ironing and wrinkle resistant qualities. Please note for best results you still need to iron this fabric after washing.



Engineered for sophistication and comfort. Our Cotton / Stretch shirts are 75% cotton 20% nylon and 5% elastin. This performance fabric creates a breathable and soft silky feel of the shirt, with the added benefit of stretch woven across the fabric to allow extra movement across the shoulders, chest and arms. This material provides the sophistication for your boardroom business shirt, supports a fantastic slim fit silhouette, and still provides the comfort of a tee. Note that these fabrics do not need excessive heat to iron (and can damage the fabric). Please use a Low to Medium heat setting only and do not tumble dry.



Our Cotton / Polyester shirts are blended with 55%-65% Cotton & 35-45% Polyester. These shirts take the best of pure cotton to be breathable and feel nice on the skin, but also have the easy iron and wrinkle resistance properties of polyester.



Cotton being a natural fibre generally feels nicer on the skin and has better breathability than synthetic material. Our 100% Pure Cotton Shirts are made from ethically sourced Cotton and woven in some of the best mills from around the world to give you a soft hand touch, beautiful rich colours and lasting comfort.



Many of our Pure Cotton fabrics also have a permanent Easy Iron Finish applied with a heat process to the fabric, to give you better easy iron and wrinkle resistant performance. This means you get all the benefits of wearing a natural fabric that feels soft on the skin and breathes, but still performs so you can look your best (and not spend too much time on the ironing board).