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Face Mask Size Chart


Medium size will fit the majority of male & female adults. The mask comes with a closed elastic band but if the mask is feeling loose then you can simply make a knot on each side according to your size so the mask sits comfortably on your face.

Width 25cm - 28.5cm
Length 14cm - 15cm



Large size is suitable for people with larger, longer and wider faces.  

Width 29cm - 32cm
Length 15.5cm - 18cm


The easiest way to find your mask size is to measure the width and length of your face with measuring tape. To measure the width you will need to measure from ear to ear, running the tape just beneath the nose and above the lip. To measure the height grab the same measuring tape and measure from the the middle point between the bridge of your nose and tip of your nose and run it down your face to about 1cm-1.5cm under your chin.

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