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Customise Your Shirt

Customising or Altering your Ganton shirt couldn't be easier.  To add an alteration or customisation to a compatible shirt - Goto the products page you would like to customise and click Alteration - YES then choose the alteration you require.

If an alteration is selected and paid for then please allow up to a week for the alteration to be completed. If you require and ETA, then you can contact us and we can update you on the expected delivery time. 

If you have already purchased a shirt and would like to customise it then you can get in touch and we will be happy to assist. 

Alteration Service and Price

Change to Short Sleeve - $25.00
Change a long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve shirt

Shorten Sleeve (-1cm, -2cm) - $25.00
Alter sleeve length to your desired length

Shorten Sleeve (-3cm to -9cm) - $35.00
Alter sleeve length to your desired length

Shorten Body Length -  $15.00
Body length of shirts too long? shorten the body length to your required length.

Remove Pocket - $10.00
Have the pocket removed from a shirt.

Change Collar to White Collar - $40.00
Have a white collar created and attached to your shirt

Change Cuff to White Cuffs - $40.00
Have white cuffs (Single or Double) created and attached to your shirt

Remove Back Darts - $10.00
Customise your slim fit shirt by having the darts removed from the back

Add Back Darts - $25.00
Add darts to back of your  Classic Fit / City Tailored Fit shirts to make them more fitting through the Chest & Waist.

Add Extra Button Hole & Button - $7.50
Add an extra button hole with button to the your shirt.  The button hole will be added beneath the last button on the front placket

Take in Side Seams of Shirt - $35.00
Want a more fitting shirt? then have the side seams taken in. 

Move Collar Button Over - $5.00
Move the top button slightly on your shirt to either make less space for you neck if the collar size is too large or to loosen the collar.

Monograms - $20.00
Add some personalisation to your shirts by adding a monogram.  Choose the style of text, colour and location of monogram.

Shirt Fabric Required
The following alterations will require the shirt fabric to be available to make the customisation to the shirts possible.  

Change Collar - $40.00
Change the collar on the shirt to a collar of your choice.  This alteration requires fabric for the shirt to be available.

Change Cuffs - $40.00
Change a shirt from a single cuff to a double cuff or from a double cuff to a single cuff. This alteration requires fabric for the shirt to be available.

Add Pocket - $15.00
Add a pocket to a shirt that has no pocket.  This alteration requires fabric for the shirt to be available.

Lengthen Sleeves - $40.00
We can create new sleeves to your desired length.  This alteration requires fabric for the shirt to be available.

Interested in customising your shirt?

Ganton is based in Sydney, Australia and we can be reached at any time Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm AEST.

We're always happy to hear from you, so send us your deets and we'll be in touch.

Need an alteration urgently? then give us a call on 02 9519 4000

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