Extra Slim Fit

Cut close to the body, darts in the back and no pockets - these Extra Slim shirts are our most 'fitted' shirt to provide a very tailored silhouette. These shirts have removable collar bones for versatility. The slightly longer sleeve length and engineered shape enhances an athletic build - whilst also allowing movement through the shoulders and across the chest.
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Olly Textured Shirt
Aaron Textured Shirt
Blaine Print Shirt
Dean Check Shirt
Jeremy Denim Shirt
Tim Stripe Shirt
Diego Check Shirt
Bruce Print Shirt
Jerry Stretch Shirt
Steven Print Shirt
Titus Textured Shirt
Greg Check Shirt
Caden Textured Shirt
Donovan Stripe Shirt
Ernest Essentials Shirt
Gavin Check Shirt
Ryan Denim Shirt
Nick Spot Shirt
Ethan Plain Shirt
Dean Check Shirt
Ian Print Shirt
Douglas Plain Shirt
Teo Textured Shirt
Jax Textured Shirt
Martin Textured Shirt
Ethan Plain Shirt
Teddy Plain Shirt
Louis Textured Shirt
Easton Check Shirt
Victor Textured Shirt
Davis Check Shirt
Toby Print Shirt
Chandler Check Shirt
Aaron Textured Shirt
Warren Stripe Shirt
Desmond Textured Shirt
Dominic Textured Shirt
Emmett Essentials Shirt
Max Textured Shirt
Bryan Textured Shirt
Jacob Print Shirt
Edmond Essentials Shirt
Eli Essentials Shirt
Asher Marcella Dinner Shirt
Gerard Check Shirt
Easton Check Shirt
George Check Shirt
Dillon Check Shirt